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Oceania: Travel guides and travelogs


Practical information to travel freely around Oceania

The biggest catalog of travel guides and travelogues, in English, Spanish or Catalan, with information for the independent traveller



Español AUSTRALIA - Guide & travelogue of a journey to Australia
   Yolanda & Toni (Viatgeaddictes) [2004]
Español Travel journal from a 29 days trip to Australia
   Víctor Bordás & Paquita Poch [2011]

French Polynesia


New Zealand

Español NEW ZEALAND - Travel guide and travelogue to New Zealand
   Yolanda & Toni (Viatgeaddictes) [2011]
Català Travel journal from a 28 days trip to New Zealand
   Manel Cristóbal [2018]
Català Relato de un viaje en coche por Nueva Zelanda
   Quim i Montse [2009]
Español Relato de un viaje a Nueva Zelanda
   Antonio & Trini [2008]
Español Nueva Zelanda en autocaravana
   Raquel Mateo [2007]
Español Viaje en autocaravana por Nueva Zelanda
   Jordi Rodríguez & Marta Colomer [2003]

Papua New Guinea




Solomon Islands


Do you want to collaborate with Viatgeaddictes?


We offer you the possibility of publishing in this website your own travel guides, travelogues and travel stories. We only ask you that they contribute with ideas and practical information about the destination for other travelers.

Send us the text (Word, Pdf, ...), which you can attach some photos (maximum 10), to Viatgeaddictes . Tell us also the name of the author(s), the travel date, and e-mail address you want to see published. Thank you very much for collaborating with us.

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