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Viatgeaddictes.com is an very popular travel website among travelers who speak or understand Spanish or Catalan, mainly from Spain, Catalonia or Latin America. The meaning of Viatgeaddictes in Catalan is Travel addicts, because we recognize that we're strongly addicted to travel. So, our contents are created by travel addicts and they are focused to travel addicts

The website itself was born in 2001 and now it has an excellent positioning in major search engines (Google, Bing, ...). Therefore, if your company sells products or services directly related to the world of travel and tourism this is the place for you to create brand image and attract potential customers from a qualified audience and all at very competitive rates.

High Quality Content

Viatgeaddictes provides very valuable travel information about countries, cities and itineraries, and also a large number of tools and resources for all kind of travelers. For example, you can search and book online flight tickets, accommodation, car hire, travel insurance, and much more.

Most of our website content are written, edited and published by ourselves, and they reflect all our knowledge about travel in all these years of uninterrupted presence in Internet. Furthermore, and also very important, our own experience as independent travelers (more than 20 years travelling in this way) allows us to know the real needs of independent travelers. But also the travel guides and travel journals provided by our partners, real travelers like ourselves, are written with the same passion and enthusiasm we put on our own guides.

Our visitors

Our visitors are mainly travelers, but especially independent travelers seeking information about destinations and all kind of information related to the travel experience (transportation, lodging, restaurants, things to do and see, etc). Due to this profile they are given to find great travel deals and, if found, to book and buy online.

Viatgeaddictes attracts between 2,000 and 3,000 unique visitors daily, with nearly 200,000 page views every month (source: Google Analytics, data taken in 2010), with a sustained growth from year to year.

In addition, we also reach our potential audience through our newsletters and social networks, with specific accounts of our website Viatgeaddictes in Facebook, X/Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

Our philosophy

We are regular Internet users and definitely we don't like websites with more advertising than real contents or with ads very annoying or intrusive. That said, we need a minimum of advertising to pay the economic cost of maintaining this website as independent. For this reason, from the beginning, our intention was to show a reasonable number of quality and relevant ads to our visitors. And according to our philosophy we'll refuse all pop-up, pop-under, interstitials, and similar kind of advertise implementation.

Furthermore we notice that, as a rule, we won't accept link exchanges with websites, web pages and blogs that are commercial or belonging to companies. Every day we receive many requests in this regard and it would be impossible to meet them all.

Ad types and formats

Listed below you can find the most common ad format and sponsorship that we offer at this moment, although we may consider other kind of proposal because we like to adapt as much as possible to your wishes for your campaign become a real success:

Button, approximately with a square shape (120x100) and GIF, JPG or SWF graphic formats. It can be static or dynamic. Maximum size: 50 Kb. This format is good for positioning in the right column of every page of the website or in one or more specific pages.

Banner. Like button, but built in a irregular shape, larger than button. It can be placed in specific areas of the page. Graphic format: GIF, JPG, and SWF. Maximum size: 100 Kb. If its shape is vertical and rectangular (eg, a 120x600 Skycraper) then can be placed in the right column.

Link text. Advertising block with a link text, which can be placed anywhere in the website.

Sponsored page or article. Content (text and photos) provided by the advertiser and integrated by ourselves on an exclusive page with the format and style of our website.

Advertising rates

The final rate of your advertising campaign will depend on several factors: chosen format, where it appears, contract period, etc.. We accept payment by bank transfer or PayPal.

If you have any question, or you want to request about advertising rates or any other kind of information about advertising or sponsorship at our website, please feel free to contact with us through our contact form.